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Clinical Laboratory Startup

Our insight, experience, and expertise in clinical laboratory set-up come from years of experience and many satisfied clients. Our turn-key solution assists with all aspects of the process.
Get Licensed

We’ll facilitate the application process with CLIA and the state, so you can move forward as quickly and smoothly as possible

Select Equipment

We’ll help you identify the most appropriate, profitable instrumentation and testing panels for your practice

Design Your Lab

We’ll help design physical layout, whether new construction, renovating existing space, or fitting laboratory instruments into constrained space

Customize Your Test Menu

based on patient or client base, medical necessity, and new clinical guidelines

Install, Validate, and Optimize Your Equipment

We’ll deliver, install, and set your equipment up. Then we’ll perform analytical and method validation, precision, and linearity testing to verify its accuracy and efficiency

Staff Your Laboratory

We’ll find the most qualified personnel in your area to staff your laboratory and refer them for interview so you’re certain they are the right fit for your operation

Achieve and Maintain Compliance

We’ll write laboratory procedure manuals for regulating and accrediting agencies, train your lab staff on how to maintain compliance protocols, and establish quality control and assurance programs in accordance with legal standards

Go Live with Testing and Billing

We’ll be there to help you make sure your testing program works and that you’re able to capture your billable revenue

Grow and Develop Your Lab

We’ll be with you for the long-haul, to help you expand your lab and take advantage of opportunities available along the way